Custom designed services for your dealership.

All of our services, programs, and courses are CUSTOM designed for your dealership. They include regular consulting, coaching and feedback. We find out exactly where you want to go to work and then tailor programs and consulting services for your needs. Many off and on-site dealer trainings are packaged programs that have been repeated over and over again. We pride ourselves on working from core knowledge and then designing our work FOR YOU.

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If you want to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, you have to start with employee satisfaction. According to research by Gallup, companies in the top 25% of employee engagement outperformed bottom-quartile units by 10% on customer ratings. According to statistics from a recent Aberdeen’s Employee Engagement research report: employee engagement programs help companies enjoy 26% greater annual increase in revenue. The data we collect can help develop or enhance existing employee engagement programs; but most of all, to create places where great people want to come to work everyday.

We customize each survey and analysis to identify the areas most important to you. Included in our analysis is an on-site debrief workshop and recommendations for change and growth.

Our comprehensive survey data and analysis provides you with the following:

  • Employee engagement insight
  • Work climate perception
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Preferred employee recognition methods
  • Organizational loyalty
  • Insight into necessary process change to increase engagement
  • Strategies to improve customer satisfaction via employee engagement
  • Additional custom insights based on your requests
Develop SALES

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How many people are sales people at your dealership? The answer is EVERYONE. From the receptionist at the front desk to the sales manager to the person answering the phone in the parts department, every single person who interacts with a customer, if just to say hello, is selling. You can buy and service a car anywhere. Helping customers understand why you and not the dealership across the street is the challenge.

Our custom solutions for training salespeople and sales managers include first administering an anonymous survey to your sales force to understand more about their strengths and opportunities for growth. From this data, we design your personal sales effectiveness program that includes live and virtual training, 1-1 coaching, consulting on sales strategy and tracking success. We customize programs for car sales, F&I and service and parts departments. This includes looking at your brand from the inside out and consulting on ways to improve brand messaging to boost sales across all departments. This is not a two day,in-and-out training, it is a full service approach that is part consultative and part training. We work with your team to develop their skills over time with our custom approach. Our sales programs are based on our core DCG philosophy:

Relationships MATTER: A people-first approach to sales.

Topics include:

  • Sales process design
  • Active listening skills
  • Overcoming objections
  • The art of negotiation
  • Creating the repeat customer
  • Follow-ups for the win
  • Maintaining motivation & goal setting
  • End-to-end customer experience
  • Branding F&I, Service & Parts department processes and reputation

Picture of drawing of a man with a megaphoneOften we promote top performers to positions of leadership. Individual talent does not equal leadership talent. Training your people managers at all levels to be able to motivate, manage performance, and develop employees is essential. You’ve heard it said that people don’t leave their job, they leave their BOSS. This costs you money and risks the loss of great talent. Are your people managers engaged in leading and developing others? According to Gallup, managers who are not engaged or who are actively disengaged cost the U.S. economy $319 billion to $398 billion annually.

Our CUSTOM leadership and management training solutions begin with surveying your people managers and designing programs that help you develop leaders and retain top talent. Our approach provides both training AND consulting to help you maintain leadership success.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Performance management
  • Coaching employees
  • Employee motivation
  • Employee recognition
  • Adjusting from top salesperson to sales manager
  • Executive coaching services
  • Leading F&I, Service & Parts department towards success
Develop HR Processes

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Your people processes are as important as your sales process. To reduce turnover and increase employee productivity, every aspect of how you manage people directly relates to the results your dealership produces.

In a comprehensive study by McKinsey on how to build top performing dealerships, the most successful dealerships: had turnover rates that were 17 percentage points lower than those of dealers in the bottom quartile, were more likely to indicate that they used formal, consistent talent-management practices, and were more likely to provide formal training to their employees and to use long-term incentives to retain top talent.

Our HR process improvement services support you in enhancing processes in the following areas:

  • Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Succession Planning

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