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Stephanie Licata is an incredible consultant who continues to impress our clients time and time again. She is comprehensive and gets to the core of what clients need to do to move the needle and generate measurable results. Her ability to ask questions that uncover deeper needs contributes to the overall success of projects. She is an invaluable member of our team and we couldn’t do our work without her.

Testimonial for: Stephanie Licata

Alana Ballon | Director, Sales Enablement and Productivity

I have worked with Stephanie Licata in my current role as COO at Dave Cantin Group, where Stephanie demonstrates unique and valuable insights and the ability to express complex ideas succinctly. She assists our automotive M&A firm with coaching, staffing, training and operations. In addition, Stephanie’s technical skills in regard to project management and research capabilities further her value to our team and would make her an asset to anyone’s company. I recommend her for any role that requires broad quantitative skills and an ability to think critically. She is able to provide a tenacious and dedicated spirit, coupled with a deep passion and curiosity.

Testimonial for: Stephanie Licata

Brian Brown | COO, Dave Cantin Group

I first began working with Dave Cantin in 2015. He impressed me from day one with his responsiveness and professionalism. Dave is transparent, straightforward and brings a wealth of automobile industry knowledge that is second to none. From the beginning to the end of my first deal brokered by Dave, he stuck with me through every step of the process. After such a positive experience, I sought out Dave again for two more deals, which have been very successful. The great thing about Dave is that he doesn’t disappear after the deal is closed. I can share my thoughts and ideas and he’s always there to help me take my business to the next level.

Testimonial for: Dave Cantin

Heshy Gottdiener | Founder & President, Comfort Auto Group

Stephanie Licata has a great presence and always presents in a manner that attracts and retains your attention. Stephanie provides solutions to HR issues that HR professionals may have never thought of.

Testimonial for: Stephanie Licata

Katherine Portillo | Human Resources Manager

This was a great training and It didn’t feel like I couldn’t keep checking on business needs if something came up. This is not only a career/team training its useful in everyday life, its training on how to be a better person overall. Stephanie was so amazing and inspiring, she never let it feel like a training more like a family meeting.

Testimonial for: Stephanie Licata

Brandy Jones | Sales Manager


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