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DCG Consulting is a division of Dave Cantin Group. We have a team of automotive industry professionals with 10 to 30+ years of incomparable automotive industry experience and in-depth expertise across all critical areas which informs all of our services.

DCG Consulting exists to support automotive dealerships and related service providers with BUILDING and STRENGTHENING structures, strategy, and culture to achieve organizational health and excellence. We focus on developing INTERNAL DEALERSHIP PRACTICES to increase profitability, reduce turnover, and create positive, thriving work cultures.



How many sales approaches are floating around your floor? If a customer comes in on a Tuesday, will they get the same level of service when they come back on a Saturday? Are your service and parts and F&I departments branded for success? Motivating sales people to develop a purpose-driven approach to sale means examining your brand and its messaging. At DCG consulting, we help dealerships develop a unique sales methodology that engages employees, reflects a consistent brand message and increases profitability.


Managing and retaining top talent is critical to retaining your dealership’s success and reputation. How do you recruit and onboard new employees?  What does your turnover look like?  Who are your high-potential employees?  Are all your managers skilled at motivating and leading others?  Maximize the potential of your employees and people managers in any department and watch productivity increase, teams strengthen and turnover reduce.


Managing performance effectively is critical to dealership success. By updating and revolutionizing existing HR and performance management processes and training leaders in the art of coaching, you’ll boost employee engagement, productivity and effectiveness. When performance goes up, profit goes up. Your people are your direct connection to your bottom line. Manage their performance with purpose and process and watch the results unfold. 


If you want happy customers, treat your employees as your first customer. Our surveys, training, and consulting solutions help you understand how to engage your workforce such that it directly affects the external customerIn the age of EVERY customer interaction potentially finding its way online, dealerships can’t afford gaps in the customer experience. Understanding the importance of EVERY step of that experience and its ability to be CONSISTENT over time supports optimal brand recognition, customer loyalty, quality referrals and ultimately the bottom line.


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